huakani ukuleles&guitars your tone, eh...

huakani is a tribute to the diversity of Hawai’i.
The diversity of sound-from the ancient kahiko chant to the modern falsetto voice.  These are the roots of Hawaiian music.
The diversity of culture-from the original Polynesian settlers to the modern “local” culture.
The sound and culture represented by varying tonal expressions of the instruments and the different woods utilized to generate the tone.

Just as some combinations are common and familiar; others are exotic, unique.
huakani captures the essence of Hawai’i Nei—past and present and strives to bring the future of Hawaiian music to the world.
The quality of craftsmanship yields superior instruments that are enjoyed by all who experience the tone.

huakani is tone in music and is setting the tone for the ukulele and Hawaiian music in the islands and around the world.